Gin Morning cover band.

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Gin Morning cover band.
The band "Gin Morning" is one of the most interesting bands gathered in China in 2015. Five people: vocals (lead and back), guitar, keyboard, bass guitar, drums. The band immediately attracted attention with its originality. The unique voice of the singer with an inimitable voice improvisation makes" Gin Morning" a dazzling phenomenon in modern pop rock music. All the musicians are professionals and have great experience in Ukraine and abroad (China, Russia, etc.). But most important, as said by the musicians and their fans, is inimitable atmosphere, surrounding the audience at the concerts of that guys.
The team quite often gives concerts in clubs of China (Include such popular clubs as "True color club", "Mr.Rocky bar", "Soho club", "Muse club" and many others) and Ukraine.
Gin morning cover band is looking for contract work in Malaysia, Korea, Singapore and other countries.
Playlist of the band include popular songs in English such as Adele, Bruno Mars, Beonce, Maroon 5, Shakira, Jessie J, and many others.
Sam Smith -I not the only one Sam Smith - Stay whit me Space Girls -Wannabe Oceana - Endless Summer Океан Эльзы- Не питай One republic - Counting stars Pink - Fucking Perfect Paul Desmond - Take five Qeen - We well rock you Queen - We are the champions Rihanna- Umbrella Rihanna- S&M Rihanna - Russian roulette Rihanna - diamonds Shakira - empire Shakira -la la la Shakira - waka waka The Weekend – I Can't Feel My Face Taylor Swift - Shake It Off The Pussycat Dolls - Sway The Beatles - let lt be Tina Turner - Simply the best. Vaenga - Chopin Magic-Rude Jessy J-bang bang and more... Contact: Alexander Karyaka
Skype: aleksandra22239
Facebook :
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Телефон: Skype: aleksandr
Адрес: Китай, Украина
Сайт: Перейти

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Gin Morning cover band.Gin Morning cover band.Gin Morning cover band.

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Gin Morning - украинский музыкальный коллектив образовавшийся в Китае.
Группа \"Jin Morning\" - одна из самых интересных групп, собравшись в Китае в 2015 году, группа тут же привлекла внимание своей оригинальностью.
15 марта - афиша. Сергей Пахомов & Blues Cover Band! Вход свободный.
15 марта - афиша. Сергей Пахомов & Blues Cover Band!  Вход свободный.

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